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Why Wix?

Under the ‘Tracking & Analytics” heading of the dashboard of your site, you have the alternative to add new functionalities. When everything in today’s world can be accessed through the internet, the number of websites is increasing daily. It will be increasing in the coming future. Here is another website,, which serves the simple purpose of creating more websites with no or minimal effort.

What is Wix?

Wix is a cloud-based website that will build other websites, and that too with drag-and-drop functionality. This feature removes the hurdle of one being a web developer.

This is an ideal way to create a small or medium business site. Only you can create and vision the best design for your site and showcase your products.

Why is it important?

Many fraudulent companies keep adding more charges with more functionality and sometimes do not guide you accordingly. This is where Wix enters the market and guides you from scratch to develop your site. With the free version, you can have a taste of the offerings of Wix. So get to know about your requirements as per your site requirements.

Features of Wix

⦁ Personalized logo for your business

Just answer a few questions, and viola, your new and fresh logos for your business are ready. As Wix is fully AI-enabled, one can quickly narrow your focus in creating your logo according to your business style. WIX logo maker will generate various logos based on your preferences. You can select from any of the options provided. You can fully customize all the logo components per your needs. You are just one step away from downloading the face of your brand in the form of a logo and can use it anywhere you want.

⦁ Sparkle your website with creative, handcrafted demonstrations

Wix Editor houses numerous free and paid Vector Art images. These are fun and innovative ways to add to your site and make it more responsive and acceptable to the audience. These include icons, badges, various characters and even typographic elements to improve the site experience further. The Vector Art elements are fully flexible and scalable. Therefore, you can easily choose the size according to your requirement. Furthermore, these images do not pixelate even on longer stretches, mainly when selecting your logo as your background image.

⦁ Wix Bookings- a whole new innovative way to showcase your services

You already have the most client-friendly interface to sell your services online, with various affordable and premium packs that cater to every budget customer’s needs. You can accomplish all these just by using Paid Plans App. It enables your clients the comfort of pursuing different sessions with a one-time instalment. You can introduce endless meetings and admittance to explicit assets every month, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Likewise, you can now offer courses (a bunch of meetings), like cooking classes, instructive studios, and talk series. You should essentially set your beginning and end date, the course timetable or complete bundle, and you’re all set!

⦁ Fabricate a robust online community along with particular member area

Landing pages of sites with a signup option have a greater chance of getting more customer engagement. We’ve made a special Member’s Area, a component that empowers you to construct a solid online community. Whether you have a blog or a forum site, members begin collaborating with you and different individuals in numerous ways after making a profile. They can interact by following, commenting or sharing the posts on various platforms – like Facebook or others platforms. Email Notification is one of the most engaging tools in today’s times. A unique part of the site is that you can assign different critical roles to your site.

⦁ Well-developed SEO techniques and related capacities

To rank higher in web searches, you have to use the skilful use of SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Also, it attracts traffic to your site. Overall, you want to ensure your site is listed (recognized and saved in a Search Engine’s data set). Afterwards, you want to make it unique (by focusing on the apt keywords). Because of the high-level SEO capacities of Wix SEO Wiz, like the effective investigation of your site and a customized plan, you can make your webpage noticeable on Google in no time. Search engine optimization is consistently work in process, as new updates and changes are made regularly. Google first ranks sites based on the site’s mobile versions, and then the other aspects are considered. Great news for Wix clients: with Mobile Editor, you can have your mobile-friendly site in no time, and that too with a single click and all the functions of desktop sites.

⦁ Track and investigate your site’s exhibition more regularly

With the new developments, you can now insert your codes onto your site to check your traffic and see how your campaigns are doing. Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, and Facebook Pixel, to name a few. You can add your custom code, similar to an intensity map, to see where your guests tap on your pages. You can even add a Taboola campaign to permit outsider distributors to share related content in a particular segment of your site. This can consequently assist you with producing more income. These instruments will enable you to get bits of knowledge into your clients’ web-based conduct and enhance your advertising to a greater extent. 

On a comparative note, our analysis will be incomplete without considering the Pros and Cons of Wix. So following is the comparative analysis of some of the critical points to consider

Pros of Wix

⦁ With Enhanced website speed, you get more satisfied customers. The more satisfaction, the more customer retention and loyalty.

⦁ It has a massive collection of templates that will ensure you will never run out of ideas and inspiration. You will definitely create more masterpieces. Some of them are paid, and you can also use free ones.

⦁ With its innovative and automatic drag-and-drop interface, you will never get wrong in placing various elements on the webpage.

⦁ You can indefinitely enhance your site’s features and functionality with Wix App Market. Wix App Market hosts more than 300 web apps and extensions that will make your site more sophisticated and reliable.

Marketing for your site and business has never been easy.

With built-in SEO management, you’ll never miss a single step of promotion. With Wix, you can create posts for your social media. This will definitely make you an excellent social media promoter. Email marketing has always been a top priority of businesses, and Wix will also help you succeed in this department.

⦁ There are basic features that will make you a beautiful website. But it also provides tons of extra features from the Wix App market that will only enhance the overall experience of your site. For example, free HTTPS features will add to your security-related area. In addition, you can create free quotations according to your customers, “Automatic responders” can be used in sending. Thank you mail, automatic reminders for the tasks like payments and renewal of services.

⦁ With “WixAnswers“, you will be provided with the exact assistance from our dedicated team. Some common queries are already answered, but if you aren’t satisfied with our already presented topics, you can have the best customer support.

Cons of Wix

⦁ Templates not interchangeable

You have to manually shift all the elements in case you want to change your mind and want to change the appearance of your site. So be more careful in selecting the template and theme of your project. This is one of the restrictions that you may feel.

⦁ Free plan forces Wix branding

If you are on the free plan on, you are already showing your viewers that you are using Wix, as there will always be on-the-top Wix branding. Of course, Wix branding will load even before your site loads, so it’s a little obnoxious, but it still seems fine that you are a free user.

⦁ Tracking and analytics are paid features

You have to upgrade to a paid plan if you want to know about the various vital aspects of your site. Services like Google Analytics will be available only in upgraded plans and not included in the free plan.

⦁ Your site is intransferrable

One of the worst disadvantages of using Wix is that you can’t transfer your site to another platform, and you will have to pay to get all your site content. This is justifiable from Wix’s point of view but is a hassle for the customers.

⦁ One Premium plan for one site only

Another con of using Wix is that you cannot have unlimited access to Wix’s bundles and can host multiple sites with one Premium plan. So you have to purchase another plan in case you have numerous sites. This will be more expensive if you are a newcomer in this digital field.

Future of Wix

Wix is a cloud-based website builder. In the development stage, clients can make HTML5 sites and mobile-friendly websites using intuitive web instruments, i.e., the drag-and-drop feature. Wix was established in 2006 in Tel Aviv, Israel, by three Nadav Abrahami, Avishai Abrahami and Giora Kaplan.

Since its commencement, Wix has been utilized by more than 110 million individuals and organizations worldwide. The stage has seen colossal development lately, with more than half of growth in 2016 alone. Wix is currently one of the most prominent web designers on the planet and will continue to be inclined towards the betterment, smooth operation and empowering of individuals to create their masterpieces and enhance your business to a higher level.


Wix has undoubtedly empowered individuals to present what they have envisioned. However, for individuals who want nothing but perfection, Wix is just the right place. Wix will provide all the tools to put every piece in the right place for your next big successful brand. It has proved to be a more helpful tool than the creators have anticipated and will be growing in future too.

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