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Why WordPress?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you start thinking of creating a website for any purpose? 

Yes, it is none other than WordPress. Start of WordPress 2003 was a blogging site, and now it has become one of the leading website builders of all time and has let users the liberty to use WordPress to present their ideas in front of the world. Moreover, as it is open source, a vast community backs its development and shares their views on this platform, where new and old developers share their ideas and ways of using WordPress.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source website creation platform with many tools that reduce your website-building efforts. Originally it was a Content Management System (CMS). Technically, WordPress is written in PHP and MySQL is deployed for database requirements. Nevertheless, it is one of the market’s best blog and website builders.


WordPress is an excellent website-based tool that can build various websites such as blog sites, e-commerce, business and portfolio websites. WordPress is a versatile CMS. WordPress is best for designing websites of every type and scale. Whether small or big Websites, WordPress has every tool in its bag to deliver the best results.


Why is it important?

The misconception of WordPress being a blogging site was accurate in the early days of its development. Now it is more of a CMS, and according to a survey, it powers more than 40% of total websites on the internet. WordPress is free to use, and users can experiment with it before the final deployment. Its easy-to-use dashboard enables greater functionality with simplicity and renders good services to its users. It has only evolved and will stay in the picture for a long and continue to serve the community.


Features of WordPress

Listing a few of the features to give you the whole idea of the capability of WordPress is not enough. But to provide you with a brief of what is hiding there for you is good for you if you start with WordPress. Here is a list of some essential features of

  •       Build your website without even a single line of code
  •       Biggest theme store that caters for your every need.
  •       For additional and custom functionality, plugins are there to help you out.
  •       It is open source, so it’s free and has the support of the biggest community to help and guide you.
  •       More security-related features will save you from every type of attack.
  •       Playing with Multimedia is buttery smooth that you never find any problem whatsoever,
  •       Being Mobile-Friendly is one of the most significant advantages that WordPress has. And it can definitely cater to the needs young generation well.


Pros of WordPress

  •       Features enable easy management of every type of content your website has.
  •       One can create unlimited Pages for showcasing different products or services, Posts to describe other services and products and many more.
  •       One can easily integrate the latest news with your blog posts.
  •       The flexibility with which one can quickly and smoothly Post Scheduling the Posts and Pages is unmatched. You can limit your audience to whom you want to share your posts.
  •       If you are no longer interested in WordPress’s hosting and other services, you can easily migrate your website to another service host. Additionally, there is no kind of Vendor lock-in agreement.
  •       With WordPress, one can easily manage every specific aspect of the website. Additionally, it comes with the integrability of multiple editors to meet your needs and increases functionality.


Cons of WordPress

Every coin has two sides. Examining the other side is also very important, as we have discussed the positive side.

  •       For more functionality, you need more plugins, which sometimes get cumbersome and tiresome. And makes your site heavy and occasionally vulnerable.
  •       Frequent updating of Themes and Plugins is something you need to make frequently and cannot miss.
  •       The website has multiple plugins and components combined to reduce Page Loading Speed.
  •       No premium services under your subscription will lead to lousy SEO and a bad ranking of your site and content.
  •       Your website has been threatened for a long time unless you have your website scanned now and then.


Future of WordPress

With the advent and development of technology, especially with the absorption of AI and ML(Artificial and Machine Learning) in every field, time is not far away that WordPress might get AI-enabled, and you have to think of an idea and give it to WordPress. Then, it will automatically generate the possible outcomes to meet your needs.

Because of its versatile ability, WordPress is quite popular in the corporate world. Many corporations employ WordPress as their premier technology because they have the option to run a wide range of apps while dealing with the content and the central theme of the company.

Besides, you can safely make applications in multiple languages as it offers an option for backup. Thus, you can hope to produce state-of-the-art security arrangements effectively. Moreover, you would have the chance to proactively secure your site and increase your mindfulness as WordPress.

Thus, when you know the site’s weaknesses and intricacies and intend to switch from one hosting to another, it is pretty evident that a hosting site like Hostinger has inbuilt WordPress functionality for a more smooth experience.

Every company has various objectives and targets, so they utilize separate planning and insightful instruments which suit the best. Thus, developers frequently face trouble finding the perfect plugin or the theme for the particular project.

In any case, by picking WordPress as your first choice, you will dispose of the most common issues in light of the fact that most advancement organizations use WordPress to plan and foster the site. Thus, you will get new chances to make your project interactive and secure.

With the increased use of Data analysis and especially AI and ML, WordPress will definitely develop to a level where it can take its own decisions to benefit the clients.

It seems to be the fate of WordPress is adequately enormous to construct the trust of the clients as it offers altering subjects, inbuilt modules or plugins, and so on at a modest rate. It will assist you with escaping the closed environment, fabricating your character and securing the future of your site and business and even your future as a WordPress Engineer and developer.



WordPress has dedicated global followers. However, a few developers would prefer to utilize different platforms, which frequently has to do with learning specific programming languages and putting themselves in less easy-to-understand conditions. WordPress is ideal for bloggers, entrepreneurs, engineers with clients, and online business experts. In addition to keeping up with unlimited authority over your site, you get extraordinary benefits like free themes and plugins and offers full media support like images, GIFs, and videos.

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