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Why Shopify?

Why shopify

When it comes to selling in the digital space, getting things to work for you becomes complicated. Online shopping has become a trend and is considered a priority among people. As people have no time to visit stores physically, eCommerce has taken the world by storm. It has become a very major chunk of the economy.

Here comes Shopify into the picture resolving all the issues related to online shopping from a business point of view.

Why is it important?

You must control what you post and showcase to your customers. And this only happens when you are the creator of your digital store. Shopify provides you with all the tools you require to create your best masterpiece. With Shopify, you get all the capacities to make your next project a big success. Also, it has the best and easy-to-use interface to create your virtual store and make you stand out from the crowd. The importance of this platform has increased because of the features and advantages that it hosts. Keep on hooked and find out in the article,

Features of Shopify

  1. Abandoned Cart Recovery
  2. Auto-Calculate Shipping Prices For Each Customer
  3. Take Payments Anywhere With Shopify POS
  4. Create Customer Profiles To Identify Your Best Buyers
  5. Sell Gift Cards For The Holidays
  6. Integrate Shopify With Facebook
  7. Get Rid Of Inventory Entirely With Shopify Dropshipping
  8. Track Everything With Shopify Analytics And Reports

Pros of Shopify

  • Simplicity

To start with, Shopify is a first-class eCommerce platform since it decreases the load and intricacies of making a web-based shopping site without hassle. Indeed, even with practically no specialized foundation, you can undoubtedly make a Shopify shop or account and create a digital store.

Regardless of where you start, as a novice or currently own a retail store. Shopify can assist you with transforming your retail location subtleties into a web-based store, making an internet shopping experience for your clients.

When your store’s settings are finished, it’s all set live and begins getting orders. At this stage, numerous business practitioners who experience the ill effects of nerve-breaking difficulties from store management ordinarily think of it as a thought while picking an Internet business stage.

Sit back and relax! With Shopify, this large number of challenges will logically succumb to you. It’s direct to oversee and control your store and all information through a straightforward and flawless dashboard.

  • Application rich

Shopify is encircled by an expanse of competent and convenient applications. Clients are progressively captivated with Shopify as its core application system offers highlights and arrangements they need for their web-based stores.

For instance, numerous Shopify extraordinary applications can smooth out outsourcing endeavours with Shopify outsourcing. One of the first-class applications is Oberlo which works entirely on Shopify. It highlights every part of your outsourcing business, including item research, stock administration, item customization, request, and more.

Shopify applications can increase your business, whether the executives, promoting, supporting deals, etc. Here are a few suggestions.

Shopify applications for management and executives: Printful, AVADA PDF Receipt.

Shopify applications for Website design enhancement: Web optimization Suite – Web optimization Picture Upgrade.

Shopify applications for content: Social Photographs, Pocket.


  • Outstanding support

Shopify offers tremendous help to its clients. Shopify’s client care group is accessible every minute of every day and committed to finding answers for a wide range of issues connected with this web-based shopping platform. Assuming that you have any inquiries or problems, you can contact them and impart them to them through email, live talk, and telephone.

The client care group will rapidly resolve your inquiries/issues and pass them on to the experts. Then, they will deal with the rest and take care of your concerns immediately as quickly as time permits.

  • An immense assortment of themes

Shopify offers a large number of themes that are ready to be used right away by its clients. For example, on the Shopify Theme store, you can traverse many themes with various styles, plans, usefulness, and value to pick the best theme for your online store. Moreover, there are both free and paid, so you can likewise think about your decision in light of the cost.

Shopify likewise classifies its themes so you can find a reasonable subject rapidly and efficiently. It gives themes to many ventures, from craftsmanship and photography, clothing and design, gems and frill, gadgets, food and drink, wellbeing and excellence, toys and games, and more.

Urbana Sacs is a perfectly hand-tailored store controlled by Shopify utilizing the Brooklyn format. It is a responsive, versatile, and adaptable Shopify theme confided in by more than 1 million web-based organizations worldwide. With this theme, you can undoubtedly make a unique item framework, show different item pictures on the Landing page without wrecking it, and many more.


  • Multiple payment gateway integrations

If your clients can’t find their favourite payment methods in your store, they will likely forsake their shopping cart and leave you. However, regardless of whether they change to another choice and keep looking at it, they’re bound to be disappointed and could never revisit your store.

Shopify offers multiple payment options, practically all generally accepted payment options like Paypal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Stripe, and many more.


  • Selling on multiple platforms

Shopify enables you to sell wherever you want and any place your clients are. Obviously, selling on a Web-based business site isn’t the best way to bring more money. However, with Shopify’s capability, you can easily coordinate your store with other huge and hearty commercial centres to sell your items across channels.

Presently, you need to pay the expense for just a single platform. Yet, you can grow your business and connect with additional customers from goliaths like Amazon or eBay. Moreover, it’s overwhelming to take advantage of sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, which presently own one of the biggest web-based client bases. However, once more, Shopify can assist you with doing it immediately.


Cons of Shopify

  • Pay Month to month

Shopify clients intensely depend on add-on applications that Shopify offers. For example, one of the most well-known applications for showing a line at the highest point of your site lets you know the amount you ought to spend to acquire a deal. This help costs $4.99 every month. Likewise, if you want a social login on your site, it costs $9.00 monthly. Shopify will again be slowly more costly than a store that is self-hosted. Additionally, self-facilitated stores (like WordPress and WooCommerce) will generally have less expensive developmental requirements.

  • Less Adaptability

The Shopify application store has a ton of excellent functionalities. However, it does not correlate with the expanse of modules accessible for stages. Woocommerce provides a ton of additional features that are free (there are free-to-use, bugs free and powerful modules). Moreover, Shopify permits you to change specific pieces of its functionalities. It isn’t generally so adjustable as self-hosted sites that might enable you to change nearly anything. Shopify involves a special arrangement to customize their subjects instead of utilizing something over which you can have more authority.

  • Shopify – Not Until the end of time

Consider it an advance notice to move your store to an alternate platform is not going to be easy. This makes picking an adaptable Web based business stage precarious because you need to anticipate the future – and not simply consider current costs.

Shopify is an incredible stage to develop with. Yet, it is undoubtedly worth moving to a self-facilitated location for a developing business hoping to control all that.

Furthermore, to relocate, Shopify gives significantly less information focus to the clients. At the same time, you will get more parts on different stages like item pictures, item portrayal, valuing, etc. It’s something similar to any “facilitated online business stage”. This is a central issue to consider while searching for a web-based store platform.

  • Content Administration

Shopify is undoubtedly not a tool executives framework, and it’s upgraded for just selling items. So to add a ton of rich substance like recordings, merry-go-rounds, and what not on your site along with the stuff you need to sell, don’t go with Shopify.

  • Control Your Information Yourself

Assuming full command over your information is your right. Try not to allow anyone to demolish it, regardless of whether it is Shopify. In Shopify, each datum must be sent through Shopify at the same time. When you move your store to self-designed stages, you are qualified to have the control centre in your store, giving you full power. 

Shopify is less intuitive, and your business development decreases dramatically with time. It isn’t quite as adaptable as other internet business stages. Hence you could miss out on your possible purchasers. Nevertheless, you can partake in your growing platform with Shopify without a doubt. Be that as it may, when you anticipate investigating a higher level of your business. It is strongly suggested to pick those platforms that are more tilted towards self-hosted.


Future of Shopify

Shopify is a stage for organizations, all things considered, to make an internet-based store. It offers clients an adaptable medium, a simple to-utilize checkout process, and many elements. 

Shopify has been developing quickly since it was established in 2004. In a couple of years, it has become one of the market’s most famous and trusted eCommerce platforms. According to a recent study, In 2018, Shopify was utilized by more than 1 million organizations worldwide. 

The organization has been flourishing since its arrival, with new functionalities and associations. In 2019, Shopify founded another POS framework, which permits organizations to sell face-to-face and on the web. The organization likewise collaborated with Amazon to enable organizations to sell on the Amazon commercial centre. 

Planning for the future, Shopify appears to be ready for proceeded with development. The organization is continually extending its contributions and expanding its range. With its not-difficult-to-utilize stage and a wide variety of characteristics, Shopify is strategically posed to turn into the planet’s central platform in the eCommerce business.



Above mentioned characteristics make Shopify the best Internet business stage for any business. Assuming you need more models to assess this stage, we might want to specify its evaluation. Shopify has become an ideal decision for new enterprises and youthful business visionaries as it offers a low cost. The necessary arrangement costs just $29 monthly and has a 14-days free introductory trial.

In the event that you want to start your own business, Shopify is an optimal decision. But, be that as it may, accomplishing more top-to-bottom exploration of eComm platforms would be best before putting the entirety of your investment funds into your business.

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