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Sendayo Partner App! Gateway of Extra Earnings for Care Workers

Sendayo Partner App is designed for a Care Worker to sign up and start their support services. It is a platform that can help the Support Workers to use it as a full-time or a part-time job. As per the convenience, availability and the criteria that one specialises in, a Care Worker can accept the user seeking their help and start rendering their services. You get to earn that extra income plus create a clientele! Follow the instruction, rules and regulations carefully and boost your career in Caregiving Services with Sendayo!

As a Sendayo Care Worker, you will have the opportunity to:

  1. Accept the Shift as per your availability: The app allows you to accept the shift as and when you like. The specifications that you enrol on the app will help in matching the criteria of the users who are looking for those services that you mention. According to the time and your feasibility then you can accept the application of the user to get going. There are several perks for working on odd hours and also rating and reviews that will help in getting recommendations, building reputations and fetching more clients. You can get featured on the app if the services offered are rated well on the app.

  2. Make extra earning on the weekends, public holidays & night shifts: the standard charge remain the same but if you work on public holidays, evening and night shifts, working over the weekend or in significant cases then the pay is more. To appreciate the efforts of our Care Workers we offer Bonus to people working for us. You are important to us and, we are all in to give you the best platform that can cater to your needs as well.

  3. Get Payment even on Cancellation of Appointments: One of our policies is that if the client cancels the appointment then also the Care Worker will be paid nonetheless. We understand that the time you give to one client and if there is a cancellation that will cost you the opportunity where you could have been making an income.  There are two scenarios, to avoid such circumstances:

     – If the client cancels the appointment to a minimum of 12 hours before the shift then, you are due to get 3 hours pay.
     – In case there is cancellation before 2 hours, you get the full payment.

    This clause is in practice as a security regulation for the Support Workers who sign up with Sendayo. We take care of you too!

  4. Vehicular Allowance: The app allows you to keep a check on the kilometres where you can tap on the start ride button and, the app will calculate the kilometres on its own. Any assistance that you give while driving your “own vehicle” for the client support, Sendayo will pay the allowance as per the rules of ATO (Australian Taxation Office). You can avail the Vehicle Allowance for any chores that you did during the shift for the client. The standard rate is $0.73 AUD per Kilometre as marked by SCHADs (Social Community Home Care and Disability Services).

  5. Sendayo gets you authenticated: We are a growing Business and, with that, we have established an identity in the market where people trust our services. We take several measures to maintain our credibility, which is why when a Care Worker registers with us they get the privilege to make their resume stronger. A part-time thing can become a full-time job! You can use your Sendayo Profile to get admission as a Support Worker (Nurse) at various facilities. It is up to you! Use the platform and make it your own.

How to become a Care Worker at Sendayo?

Download the Sendayo Partner App on Appstore or Sendayo Partner App on Google Play and jumpstart your career as a Support Worker. You will need to follow the registration process and attach the necessary documents that we have put up on the app itself. A Police Criminal Record Check is mandatory that you can get it done online or from the local Police Station in your area. Online makes it quicker, so we prefer logging into the department’s website where you get the certificate there and then.

Follow our policy carefully where all the rules and regulations are right there on the app or else visit the website and learn about your duties and roles in the FAQ section. There are three insurance covers that we provide to ensure client security which is Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Work Cover. This fall under the jurisdiction of Care Worker where you become responsible to the client in case of misconduct or whatever the circumstances may be that can form due to various actions.

There will be ratings and reviews by the Clients that will stay permanently on your profile page and if there is any misconduct, regular cancellation of appointments or if we find you insufficient for the job role then, your services will be terminated from our Organization.

Sendayo tries to establish a common ground for both the Clients and Support Workers to ensure security in any case. We make things easier by providing clear cut policies, no hidden fee and stay transparent at all times.

For any more queries, we are always available through call or email assistance where you can reach us at any time.

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