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Top 5 Google Algo Updates Every Online Marketer Should be Aware Of

The current era has become a challenging one for online businesses. Because the websites have to be updated frequently according to the search engine algorithms. Google algorithms never remain constant. It changes quite frequently adding to the challenge of the business owners.

Every business wants to scale its brand and grow its sales. For that, they need to rank their website on the first page of the Search Engine Result Page. Ranking can be done easily using SEO strategies, but sustaining the plane on the search engine result page is the real challenge. 

To maintain your brand reputation and beat your competitors in the market you have you sustain your position on the Google result page. It is not possible without understanding the guidelines of Google algorithms. Here are the top 5 Google Algo updates every online marketer should be aware of.


This algorithm was launched in 2017. Panda aims to hit websites based on the quality of their content. This algorithm keeps updating itself with the latest dynamic trends and thus it changes frequently. It does not allow the following types of content to be ranked on the search engine result page.

  • Content that is low in quality.
  • Content that is not original.
  • Content that is irrelevant to your industry.
  • Content that does not catch up to the limit.
  • Content on multiple pages with the same keywords.

Panda restricts these types of content from appearing on the Google result page. If you reach a certain limit in overdoing these mistakes, you will have to pay a penalty to the search engine. 

If your website has been hit by this Google algorithm, do not worry. It is possible to recover your website and rank again on the Search Engine Result Page. For that, you have got to do the following:

  • Replace the low-quality content with the high-quality ones.
  • Remove the duplicate content and post the original ones.
  • Post quality content that is relevant to your industry or niche.
  • Do not post small content that is of one or two paragraphs.
  • Make sure to use different keywords on multiple contents.

Just making these few changes to your content will help you to recover your website completely from this algorithm.


Many websites buy links from unauthorized sources to rant their website on the Search Engine Result Page. This is called the Blackhat SEO technique and it is a very bad practice for ranking your website. This spams up the whole Search Engine Result Page showing inappropriate results.

To avoid this spamming of the Search Engine Result Page, Google launched an algorithm called Penguin. It evaluates the links in the websites and detects these wrong SEO practices if any. If caught in such practices, you will be penalized. It also impacts your brand’s reputation.

To stay away from Penguin, you have to ensure that all the links on your website are from an authorized source. Unauthorized links will also affect your website indirectly which you wouldn’t know.


Google launched Hummingbird in 2013 aiming to give the best user experience. As it is an evaluating algorithm, it does not affect your website ranking directly. The name Hummingbirds means fast, which can be understood as, websites that provide fast and authentic pieces of information for their audience are evaluated on the top.

There are about 200 factors that determine the guidelines of this Google algorithm. Out of those, the main areas include long-tail keywords and mobile marketing. The main focus of this algorithm is to find whether the content is relevant to the keywords used or not. If yes, it favors you a rank on top of the Search Engine Result Page.

However, it is the best practice to use long-tail authentic keywords that are relevant to your industry or niche. If you do this, your website will be evaluated as the best not only by this algorithm but also by your audience.


Google launched Pigeon in 2014 to improve the quality of search engine results. This aims at giving the most significant results to the searchers. Due to this, the competition in the market has risen high to rank their websites on the Search Engine Result Page.

To move away from this algorithm and rank your website on the top of the result page, you must put world-class content on your website. Always aim at making your content more specific, up to the point, and valuable for your readers.


Google launched Fred in 2017 to prevent the audience from being scammed. Several websites scam their audience through their unrealistic promises. Due to this, people lose interest in the Search Engine. Not just this, some aggressive ads piss the audience off at their first glance.

This algorithm has been designed to remove all such irritating ads and spammy content. The percentage of selling you do through your content also counts. In the end, you not only get penalized but also lose trust among your audience.

To avoid being caught by Fred, do not aggressively advertise your product or service and make unrealistic promises. Rather, nurture your audience by providing value and you will get the same back from them. This is the best practice to win the trust of your audience effortlessly.

The Takeaway

These are the top 5 Google updates you should be aware of if you are an online marketer. We all know it’s difficult to fit into the market and sustain your position. We all know the competition in the market is rising every minute. With all these factors going on in the market, it is very much important to consider the Google algorithm guidelines.

If you follow these guidelines, ranking your website on the Search Engine Result Page and sustaining your position in the long term will be a cakewalk. Winning the trust of Google is more important than winning the trust of your audience. To get that, you have to maintain your quality and provide authentic value.

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