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Zoptal Standing Strong in Times of Quarantine! Facilitating Economic Growth Despite The Odds

Amid Coronavirus outbreak, our team at Zoptal is now working remotely. For us, the safety and health of our employees comes first as we here not just share professional relations but we are a family working together and supporting each other in times of need. Working at the ease of one’s home is exciting, but has some downfalls too. For someone who doesn’t have the experience to work from home, it can get difficult to focus with the same dedication as in the workplace. But, we are here to do what the best we can in providing support to our employees more than ever in such times of crisis. With our online dashboard in place, we are making the best use of technology to coordinate work and achieve the best results.

The real responsibility lies on the shoulders of our Project Managers to ensure that the work quality is not compromised. We are proud to say that amid the outbreak and in such tough situations, we are effective and working laboriously in meeting client requirements as each client is our priority. At Zoptal, we stand by our word and each of us is working with the same vivacity as they render in the office environment.

So here is what we are doing:

The times like this are pushing each of our boundaries and comfort zone. To make sure that the work is done at the same speed, and we are progressing is going to be a bit tricky. But, we at Zoptal are positive, and we believe that we can overcome this together with each other’s support and hardworking spirit. At such time, we need to see the bigger picture and look beyond one’s perception. We are facilitating work in such a way that we are contributing towards the altogether economic growth. We are helping it to stabilize and not dwindle. All thanks to the management of Zoptal that we are helping to raise the bar even more and are vigorous more than ever!

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