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HAPPEGO Positive Stimulus to Enhance the Cognitive Mind

Our subconscious mind has a way of fooling and playing tricks with our conscious self. Neuroscientists and Psychologists have over the years conducted numerous studies that prove that our conscious-self is the product of thoughts induced in our subconscious entity. Mind controls the body! The ability to let go of our inhibitions and start life with a clean state lies within us where we can fill the “Tabula Rasa” of our mind with whichever colours we like.

Happego is an attempt to generate a positive attitude by responding to the positive stimulus created by the help of technology by processing “Happy Ego” that means a Happy Identity. The app uses pictures and inspirational texts, the photographs of your family members and other such activities to continuously induce the subconscious mind to play tricks on you. 99% of the times the effects are instant and, one can sense the positive change where you will become empathetic towards the other.

Love and Compassion are two powerful drives that the body can create endlessly. The power of feelings helps in the construction of the thought flourishing positive output in the cognitive mind by tactfully feeding the neurons with pictures that help release happy hormones. No matter what the age, no matter what the mindset is, love and compassion can bring two poles apart in the sanctity of one another.

Here is how the app works:

Once you download the Happego on Google Play, you can choose the various programmes listed. Set a goal and work on the routine suggested. Every time that you take out your phone and use it, the screen will flash an image helping you to cope up with the goal you have set. The process is called Priming.

What is priming?

Have you ever seen an artist prepping his canvas before the color is splashed on to it? Happego is your artist that will prep your mind. The images help in priming your mind to start a flow of thoughts that help fight and stick to the goal.

The App comes with 40 goal packs and, the number is growing. Each image flashes for 1 second, every time that you unlock your phone. You can change the goal, set preferences, personalise the experiencing by uploading your images and the ones you love on the app for inspiration and assess the chain of thought and look for more pictures that keep the drive alive! 

The statistics show that people who set goals are more likely to respond to the positive stimulus which is the motive of the Happego App. Health and fitness tips help in self-priming where the body responds to the little changes more efficiently. 

The app has helped a significant number of people fight depression, those who lost the spark and self-confidence in them. Today, they believe in their capabilities and are working hard to set new goals rather than sulking in the past. Such is the gift of neuroscience that helps in kindling the currents in the brain to be more receptive to the thought and respond to the positive stimuli.

We at Zoptal Solutions feel privileged to be working with Happego. The efforts that they put in trying to build a character and personality helping people all around the world, mere words cannot express. The right use of technology is when it uplifts the growth that touches life in various forms. Happego is an effort to move emotions in different ways to help charge the cognitive sphere of the mind to fight the anomalies of life that we all are part.

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