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Give Your Business A New Outlook Through Instagram

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If you feel like you “don’t get it” on Instagram marketing, you’re not alone.

What’s more, it can seem as small as a place to take photos and selfies.

However, is the truth there? Instagram is the perfect gold for businesses of all shapes and sizes. From social marketing to social media and beyond, there is a reason why Instagram is currently thriving among businesses and consumers alike.

That means Instagram’s “simplicity” can be deceptive. Many brands are striving to grow or embrace Instagram as part of their social strategy and we fully understand why.

Listen: you can’t pay for “wing” in gram. You need a clear Instagram plan, which is possible if you want to increase your presence and attract customers.

We help you understand the Instagram marketing strategy guide to help you get started on the platform and understand the best ways to grow.

Whether you want to update your brand’s Instagram growth and engagement or manage your future content successfully, Zoptal lets you do it all in one place.

Accurate dashboards and reports ready to be presented will help your team get up and running quickly where your community strategy stands and where you are headed.

1. Define your Instagram Marketing intentions and purpose in the platform

This may seem like a misunderstanding, you need to be able to properly answer why you want to be on Instagram in the first place.

Interested in producing leads? Community building? Product awareness?

Setting goals to communicate with people is not trivial. These goals will determine everything from your content plan to the amount of time you spend on the platform.

There is no “right” or single goal to commit to, either. That said, your ROI from Instagram boils down to your goals.

Meanwhile, beauty brands tend to focus on branding while at the same time building community by sitting back and forth with fans. For example, luxury businesses often incorporate their followers into their feeds and in-house jokes that only their customers will appreciate.

Local, brick, and mortar businesses often focus on keeping customers informed of their latest promotions while building relationships. And some brands simply use Instagram as a way to show off their team and go after their business. B2B products may not seem to have much to gain from Instagram, but managing to use their platform to show the individual side of the product.

The beauty of Instagram is the amount of creative freedom you can get. In any case, deciding on the Instagram strategies you use starts with your intentions.

We recommend that you spend some time digging on Instagram yourself to help promote your business strategy.

Follow some of your favorite products. Follow other rivals, too. Hearing the platform as a user is a great way to understand how businesses and consumers work together.

2. Preparing your Instagram profile to join

Here’s the good news: in terms of setting up your profile, Instagram is straightforward.

However, there are a few minor details that you should be aware of when compiling your profile.

Before you worry about creating Instagram content, be sure to check relevant boxes. This sounds true for new profiles and brands looking to process their Instagram marketing.

Switch to business profile: First, be sure to switch your account to your business Instagram profile. Doing so allows you to highlight additional details such as your industry, location, phone number, and email address as part of your Instagram bio.
Additionally, Instagram business profiles have access to analytics to help you see how followers interact with your account. Of course, we recommend that you skip the lower grades with the help of Zoptal (our services help you to create a 360-degree business view).

Decide on the creation of your product: While easy to ignore, your product ingenuity goes hand in hand with your Instagram marketing strategy. Specifically, your hashtags and bio.

The process of creating a hashtag does not need to be scary. For example, most hashtags can be a brand name or a slight variation in the product name.

Do you see what we are saying?

The purpose of having a hashtag is to encourage fans to tag your product and empower you to do the same. Hashtags serve as a form of a call to action to promote images and customer issues.

Next, you and your fans can see who else has used your tag and share their snaps.

For more ideas and encouragement, take a moment to review our complete Instagram hashtag guide.

Create a Compelling Bio for Instagram:

Even though you only have 150 characters, your Instagram bio is a very important place.

This is the first impression of your product and customers and potential fans. It stands for a chance to highlight what your product is about and encourage fans to take action.

Also, it’s the only place you can put Instagram traffic on your promotions or the website.

Define your Instagram marketing intentions and purpose in the platform

As part of your Instagram plan, make sure your history includes the following:

• Hashtags (s) related to your business.
• Type of call to action (“check the link below,” “mark your photos”).
• Follow-up link to monitor your Instagram traffic performance (Bitly, or Linktree are all great ways).

Yes, you have a lot of creative freedom on Instagram. Looking back, you can check out a bunch of examples in our guide to writing your Instagram bio.

Select a ‘gram-appropriate profile picture’.

According to our social media image size guide, your Instagram profile photo is limited to 110 × 110 pixels only.

Translation? Sleek, minimalist and high-resolution is the way to go.

3. Creating Instagram content that will be popular with your customers:

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of your Instagram plan. That is, to create content.

But also the idea of freedom of composition establishes its scope. With so many opportunities in terms of what you can post, where do you start?

Here we have come up with some Instagram marketing tips that show the types of content that guide you in terms of best practices. While these are not the only types of content you can publish, consider types of posts as the basis for your Instagram marketing.

Eye-catching images; sharing an image of your business, or product that will catch the attention of your customers is vital to bring more traffic to your profile. Being active and learning what your audience likes is the best way to keep your business on track

Stylish summaries: words are the way to communicate! With the help of Instagram, you can bring your creative side to writing too. Get adventurous and create new trends through Instagram.

That’s exactly what puts Instagram on the map.

Images with a certain brand of creative advertising, whether it’s an amazing setting or a bright color palette, are types of posts that go to “likes” and comments.

Of course, not everyone has the right to work in an industry that allows us to take pictures that are unique. Thankfully, most modern smartphones have features baked into them to take compelling photos of almost anything.

Also, there are many Instagram apps that include filters and style options to enhance your photos.

That means focusing your content strategy on people. Specifically, it promotes people who support your business.

For example, user-generated content and customer photos are the main features of Instagram. Sharing such summaries allows you to show your satisfied customers and put your products in a real-world environment.

Don’t forget to show your team some love, too. Privacy and celebration for your colleagues is a simple yet effective way to brand your product.


Video content is among the most popular and shared social media, posted on Instagram.

If you are not a professional video artist, don’t panic, take one step, and keep going. And yes, you can create a video for sale without a smartphone.

Keep in mind that video content on Instagram does not have to be the same as traditional marketing. Vine style opening videos and time lapse videos are crazily popular and can be combined in a matter of seconds thanks to third-party apps.

Memes and photo of macros:

Ideal for jokes or inspiration, not everything on Instagram needs to appear on the back of your camera. In fact, memes and macros of the image are a way to complete the cover of your feed and engage your fans on a personal level.

Instagram News:

The brands include stories in their repertoire of Instagram tricks like never before.

Why? Firstly, News enables you to “interact” in your fans’ feed by placing your account in front of their News line. In addition, time-sensitive content taps into the mind of your FOMO customers (fear of missing out). Ideal for deals, company updates, or plain play content, News is something you should strive to do on a daily basis. Check out our Instagram News Guide to better understand how to create a selling story.

Instagram marketing tools:

No matter what type of content you choose to create, it is important to track the performance of your content over time. This allows you to see which posts actually lead to meaningful engagement.

4. Publishing your content on Instagram to increase engagement

Suppose you have your own content ready to publish. Now?

Good question! Simply posting will not help you at all.

As part of your Instagram marketing strategy, be aware of the following before posting your next post.

Building Captions: Each post you publish should have a different caption. Even the smallest detail of such descriptions can affect your level of engagement and whether your post is available or not.

With 2,000+ characters to work with, you certainly have the freedom to create. However, you will see that many businesses are taking a “less than” approach to their Instagram captions.

No matter what you say or sell, make sure you include a combination of the following in your captions.

• Call to action (query, “check our history,” etc.)

• Personality touch (use emojis, capture chat tone)

• Hashtags (including your named hashtags, one to five are considered appropriate).

• Time and quantity

• When publishing your content and how important it is when it comes to engagement.

• Many products publish daily. Of course, you do not want to sacrifice quality in bulk.

• Also, the timing of your post affects how much your audience engages with your business. By the way, here are the best times to post on Instagram based on research regarding the best posting moments on social media.

• Worrying about sending in real-time can be painful.

• Posts from other social networks.

• For most products, it makes sense to post your Instagram content to all networks like Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.

• Doing so saves you a lot of time and keeps you from bumping from network to network. With a shoot, you can cut and edit your individual posts to make sure they are tailored to Instagram.

5. Promoting Long-Term

No matter what Instagram strategy you tried, much of your engagement depends on how you market your Instagram.

Fans and customers do not appear by accident. Because of this, you need to put your Instagram in the front and center of your other marketing channels.

For example, make a point to explicitly display your Instagram on the site. Whether it’s the social buttons or the feed of your fans ’photos, customers should know that you’re working on Instagram.

Plus, informing your Instagram via email is a smart move. Businesses are using Instagram links in their email signature to incorporate a branded hashtag and encourage customers to share their photos.

Plus, you can use your branded hashtag as part of your physical packaging and marketing. That’s exactly what small businesses are doing these days.

And of course, promoting your Instagram also means appearing every day. If you let your account collect cobwebs, you won’t be surprised when your engagement rate takes a dip.

Answer your audience, create a fan following. Include other accounts. Commitment to Instagram means being an active participant on the platform.

Don’t forget to pay attention to your analytics! In-depth information like the one provided by Zoptal can be a great motivator and eye-opening on the hard-fought products on Instagram. Instead of guessing at what you will post next, your analytics will probably have an answer.

And with that, we wrap up our guide!

What does your Instagram strategy look like?

The best practices and tips highlighted above are a good match for products of all shapes and sizes.

From using your profile to engaging your fans and beyond, knowing what clicks with customers is a matter of agreeing and trying.

With the help of tools provided by Zoptal, you can easily manage many moving pieces of your Instagram marketing plan.

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