9 Advanced Content Promotion Strategies for 2022

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Listen to article:   In some ways, content strategies resemble New Year’s resolutions. Consider how the year will unfold and create a strategy for achieving your objectives. Sure, adjustments will be made along the road, but how bizarre could it truly be?  If the past several years have taught us anything, it is that even…Read More

All You Need to Know About Alphabet Inc.

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Alphabet, Inc. is a California-based American holding company with headquarters in Mountain View. It was launched on October 2, 2015, by Lawrence E. Page and Sergey Brin to reorganize Google Inc.’s numerous holdings into a conglomerate. The ambition to develop a technology conglomerate that makes the core Google internet services business “cleaner and more accountable”…Read More

PPC Campaign Strategies for Getting More Revenue in 2022

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Google released 18 updates to Google Ads in the last quarter of 2019 alone, while Bing made four changes to Pay Per Click Marketing throughout the year. Probably the most intriguing declarations at Google Marketing Live 2019 – a yearly gathering for advertisers to find out with regards to the most recent items or new highlights…Read More

Upcoming Trends in Email Marketing 2022

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Some marketers and business owners wonder if the email is still relevant in 2022. However, research shows that this channel is still a key growth driver for businesses.  A whopping 89% of marketers say email is their most important lead generation strategy. And a recent Litmus study found that consumers expect email marketing to be…Read More

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Human Life

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Artificial intelligence is a much more important technology than you know. Every business needs to use it in website design, app development, and marketing. In other words, every business needs to work with AI developers. Game app and game console developers, for example, are very far along when it comes to artificial intelligence. Many of…Read More

Latest Upcoming Cloud Computing Trends 2022

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Experts at IT believe that cloud computing will be at the forefront of all technologies to address key business challenges in the coming years. This is evidenced by the fact that cloud spending by large enterprises will grow at a CAGR of 16% between 2016 and 2026. Most will agree that enterprises no longer view…Read More

Latest Social Media Trends to Follow in 2022

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As social platforms present new elements and change their calculations, so do online media patterns. Take Instagram Stories, for instance. A couple of years prior, Snapchat was known for its vanishing, prompting content, however, there didn’t appear to be a lot of cravings for comparative highlights on different organizations. Presently, north of 500 million individuals…Read More

What Is Brand Identity and How It Will Help Your Business to Grow?

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Brand character is an assortment of visual components that makes your business remarkable and unique about different organizations. Brand personality is the thing that you, clients, and imminent clients can see and is not quite the same as the brand picture and marking, even though those terms are frequently utilized conversely. Brand character is the…Read More

Best Digital Marketing Company in Mohali

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Zoptal is the only digital marketing company in Mohali that you can trust to increase traffic to your website. The answer is pretty simple because we have been in the industry for more than a decade and have lived up to its name and expectations. Apart from driving traffic to your website, you can take…Read More

Give Your Business A New Outlook Through Instagram

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If you feel like you “don’t get it” on Instagram marketing, you’re not alone. What’s more, it can seem as small as a place to take photos and selfies. However, is the truth there? Instagram is the perfect gold for businesses of all shapes and sizes. From social marketing to social media and beyond, there…Read More

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